Valentine 2024


Squid Ink Grouper Praline
with Gingered Pumpkin and Green Celery Sorbet

Warm Octopus Salad with Cardamom Potato Cream
Puntarelle, Olives, Capers, and Candied Tomatoes
Bordeaux Cremant Chateau Rioublanc

Trout Tortelli with Sea Foam
Massaman and Purple Cabbage
Acquerello Beet Risotto
with Goat Robiola, Thyme, and Campot Pepper
Chardonnay Michiel 18 Vie di Angarano

Truffle-Stuffed Quail
with Marsala Reduction Sauce and Jerusalem Artichoke
Lagrein Riserva 18 Cesconi

Orange Semifreddo with Mandarin Sauce
and Lemon Crispy Biscuit
Pantelleria Passito Pellegrino

Coffee, Crostoli, and Fritters

€ 110 all-inclusive