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The Art of transforming food into emotions

At La Locanda di Piero, every taste, every small sip of wine leaves an imprint and brings forth memories of flavors and aromas that excite the palate and the senses. We have always offered a succulent cuisine of substance and form, not tied to passing trends. The distinctive mark of our dishes is the true and genuine care for the raw ingredients: Renato Rizzardi, in fact, is still a steadfast artisan cook who loves creating his dishes by working with all the ingredients "from start to finish." Every day, for us, is a celebration of the continuous emotions conveyed through their love for good things, well-made, and the perfect union between cuisine, cellar, environment, and hospitality.

Renato Rizzardi


Born in the heart of Vicenza in 1961, Renato Rizzardi is the culinary soul of Locanda di Piero. Since a young age, his passion for the culinary arts has driven him to immerse himself in the world of gastronomy. His first taste of this passion led him, at only 14 years old, to experience his first job in a mountain hotel.

Despite obtaining a diploma from the Institute for Surveyors, Renato followed his true calling and embraced a culinary career, working in prestigious restaurants such as La Bulesca in Rubano and the renowned San Domenico in Imola under the guidance of the legendary Chef Valentino Marcattilii. His culinary experience extends beyond Italy; the Donatello in San Francisco had the honor of having Renato as a consulting chef, a role that evolved to see him appointed as the Master Chef of California in 1985.

However, his Italian roots beckoned him, and Renato’s great dream of opening a restaurant near Vicenza came true with the acquisition of Locanda di Piero in 1992. Since then, his culinary vision has guided the Locanda, making it shine like a gem in the crown of Italian cuisine.

Cinema Odeon, Vicenza

Sergio Olivetti

Maitrê & Sommelier

The Locanda di Piero would not be complete without the distinguished presence and expertise of Sergio Olivetti. Arriving in 1995, this professional Sommelier has elevated the dining and cellar experience to new heights. His love for wine was not born by chance; it developed and strengthened through years of study and dedication, culminating in his graduation as a professional Sommelier from Ais in 2000.

But Sergio did not stop at wines. His insatiable curiosity has led him to expand his skills, attending courses on cheeses, spirits, customer psychology, and much more. He has turned his passion into a mission, becoming a teacher for training courses in sommelier, hospitality, and service at prestigious institutions.

For Sergio, the kitchen and the dining room are intrinsically connected, working in harmony to offer an unforgettable experience. He firmly believes that the distinctive element of a restaurant is a service that, while engaging, should never be intrusive.

Sergio & Renato dal 1992

Together, Renato and Sergio form a perfect synergy, offering their guests an unmatched combination of sublime cuisine and impeccable hospitality, making every visit to Locanda di Piero an unforgettable experience.


The Restaurant

Our daily life is a tribute to the passion and art of eating well, creating a perfect harmony between cuisine, cellar, and hospitality. We love welcoming our guests in a well-kept and cozy setting. During the Winter months, La Locanda di Piero, with its three rooms enveloped in the warmth of a romantic fireplace, is an intimate refuge capable of accommodating 25 guests in an atmosphere of reserved elegance. In the warmer months, the veranda opens up to the fresh breeze of the fields, ensuring a comfortable air-conditioned environment.

Private Events

For special occasions, we can accommodate up to 100 people, with a dedicated banquet hall for 50 guests. Trust us to make the most important moments of your life unforgettable. Alternatively, bring Renato Rizzardi's culinary artistry wherever you prefer, whether it's an intimate reception at home or a majestic Palladian Villa. Working closely with Sergio, we guarantee meticulous attention to every detail, from culinary offerings to gifts for your guests. Contact Sergio Olivetti to start planning your special event!