Welcome to “la Locanda di Piero”

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If you’re among those who favor enjoying their dining experience in a quiet, private environment, cocooned in the discreet hospitality of maitre Sergio Olivetti, you’ll FEEL AT HOME at “la Locanda di Piero”, our award winning restaurant tucked away in the quiet of the Italian countryside near Vicenza, just a few miles off from the express way.

Many have found our small restaurant an easy place to wind down and enjoy some of the finer things in life the way they were supposed to be experienced. Chef Renato Rizzardi continually comes up with dishes that are born from an intimate knowledge of ingredients and techniques, and from the serendipity of the daily market. With the assuredness of a longtime lover, our Chef creates offerings that display a deep, honest  passion for his trade and sometimes allow the occasional peek into the playful, creative side of this towering, severe-looking man. At any time of the year, our menus showcase the best of the local products with a few departures for the characteristic flavors and unique ingredients of other Italian regions.

The wines chosen to counterpoint, accompany , and highlight the culinary creations of la Locanda di Piero come mainly from the northern Italian regions of Veneto, Trentino, Friuli and the rest of Italy. A considerable homage to the great abilities of French winemakers can also be found on the wine list, together with respectful hat tips to the vineyards of California, Germany, New Zealand, Spain, and Slovenia.

As we’d done for the past 20 years, we’d like to treat you to our idea of an enjoyable dining experience. And if you stay a little longer, we’d love to chat  and know if we’ve earned another friend…